February 2019 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, February 12, 2019 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Governance Board Update


  • Meeting time changes (reminder, meetings are open to all)
  • New board meeting time: Thursdays, 3pm - 5pm

WDN Chat is moving to Slack: unlwdn.slack.com

  • Purpose
  • Account sign-up process
  • Will eliminate anonymous questions

WebAudit Metrics

5.0 Templates updates

  • TIPS logo will be re-added to footer
  • Form style updates are coming

WebAudit Errors

  • Framework-related errors are being addressed (e.g. duplicate IDs)

Drupal 7/8/UNLcms Updates

  • New Hero in Drupal 7
  • Will have full demo and rollout for March WDN meeting

UNL Web Framework 5 Transition Progress Report

  • UNL Progress report in Webaudit
  • If you have a site or see one in 4.1 still, try to move into 5.0, as notices will be sent out soon.
  • Framework 5 App Update Progress (most main apps in F5 Phase one or two, Lockups and others to come along)

Meeting Recording