February 2016 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 2:00pm
UNLchat 4 Years in...

Began August 2012 - roughly 300 chats a month (1,000 full year) 
2013 - steady at 300 chats a month (3,500 full year)
2014 - big jump to 1000 chats a month (9,000 full year)
2015 - 1110 chats a month, working with high schools to increase visibility.  (13,000 full year) - answering 90%+ of all chats

Over 50% of chats are admissions-related, mostly give links to specific pages related to requirements, tuition costs, deadlines, etc, rather than trying to answer question. After hours, there is a spike in chats from prospective international students.
Other chat topics: Ticket information, questions about Lincoln, Password resets, building/office hours, snow day questions

WDN Shared Governance Board update

Today is deadline for switching over to 4.1 framework. Please take a look at list of remaining sites and see if there are any in your area: 
In next governance board meeting, notices will be sent to site owners of remaining sites that haven't switched over. 

About pagetitle / <h1> in UNLedu Web Framework

Discussion of H1 and pagetitles in shared governance board.
Page titles offer important context about the content of a page, if they're being hidden or moved out of order, it can negatively affect accessibility and SEO. http://wdn.unl.edu/page-title-h1-best-practices

UNL Lockups Factory

UNL is moving to a standard N across academic, athletic, and alumni. Lockup is the scaled graphic version of the N and text of college/department/unit scaled for download and use in print.

Drupal 8 Preview

UNLcms will be moving to Drupal 8 in 2016. We're at a point where we'll be setting up a new system, so what sort of ways could we improve the architecture of the system? Different user roles/permissions? New WYSIWYG editor. Quick edit window. Administrative site is now responsive as well. Works much better on mobile devices.  

Would be good to talk about workflow and features to help different users as we move forward the next couple months with UNLcms meetings.

Meeting Webcast

Not Available.