December 2023 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 12, 2023 - 2:00pm

Shared Governance Board update


  • Add people to directory page in Next-Gen CMS. Information on how to do this has been added in Next-Gen CMS documentation.
  • Sometimes when logged-in to the CMS, it doesn't appear to be logged in (IE cannot see edit tab or CMS toolbar). To force a CAS login, go to or

WebAudit Metrics

Analytics Updates

  • Numbers are way up in GA4. Has anyone else noticed significant increase in new system?
  • If you want a Google Looker Studio panel, please contact Ryan Dee

Framework updates

  • 5.3.41 update will deploy Tuesday, December 12
    • Use role="list" for unstyle lists
    • Replaced references for Planet Red with Directory for avatar photos

Public Information Apps Updates

  • Directory - updated for managing avatar images (added list of sizes) and new page (My Info). Planet Red will be decommissioned eventually.
  • Signature Generator updated to fix some accessibility issues
  • Proposed changes for Events - new Event Type options to fix issues with events being stuck at the top of upcoming, will also allow for more advanced sorting in the future

Next-Gen CMS updates

  • Added Owner, Primary and Secondary Developer roles in WebAudit. As we move through transition process, we'll be doing progress reports, so please fill out information for commuication - these roles are now displayed on the MySites page.
  • fixed file uploads in Webforms
  • Bad image padding in WYSIWYG (coming soon

Reminder: Next-Gen CMS