December 2021 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 14, 2021 - 2:00pm

Governance Board update

  • Review subdomain and site creation requests
  • New Shared Governance Board Members - Loren Freirichs, David Houfek, Shawn Hellwege

WebAudit Metrics

Framework updates and discussion

  • Fix institution title color in footer / fix heading color in Notices / add sizes="any" to favicon.ico / Pagination updates
  • Affiliate Template - customizable regions and colors, works on top of DCF, will be available in UNLcms in January
  • Notice component updates - work in dark mode automatically - Notice documentation

Majors / Mindsets Content Types

  • Collaborative project between ASEM / Ucomm / Colleges to create Admission pages / Mindset information
  • Custom content types developed in Ucomm and pushed out to sites.

Meeting Recording