December 2020 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 - 2:00pm

Governance Board update

  • New Governance Board members (2021-22) - No elections held this year, as three seats were open and only three nominations were received

    New Members
    • Matt Bryant - Academic Services and Enrollment Management
    • Mike O'Connor - College of Arts and Sciences
    • Tim Svoboda - IANR Media
  • Thank you to
 outgoing Board Members Danielle Dewees (4-H Youth Development), Anne Holz (IANR Media), David Houfek (Office of Graduate Studies)

WebAudit Metrics

Dark mode bookmarklet information and discussion

  • For previewing pages in Dark Mode, IANR Media created a Dark Mode Switcher bookmarklet tool. As Dark Mode has been postponed for launch, please preview / edit your sites to work, and see dark mode channel on WDN Slack discussion for further questions / comments.
  • See also Non-CMS: (5.2 Dark Mode Preview)
    UNLcms: /admin/appearance/settings/unl_five "Enable Dark Mode Preview for Site Admin" at the bottom
    (In order to actually see dark mode on your website, you must set your computer’s operating system to use dark mode.)

Framework Updates and discussion

  • New button styles and form style updates coming in January

Next version of Drupal update

  • Where are we now
    • Humanities in Medicine website is under development
    • New features will be added as identified
    • Need to evaluate distribution management

The COVID-19 "Diversion"

  • Development resources diverted to support COVID-19
  • Built COVID-19 Contact Tracing System
    • Jumpstarted with existing UNL Drupal 8 modules/themes
    • Gained valuable experience with Drupal 8 distribution
  • COVID-19-related efforts will continue to be priority
  • Revised launch date: End of Spring 2021 Semester
  • Drupal 7 EOL: November 2022

Meeting Recording