December 2018 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 11, 2018 - 2:00pm

WDN Shared Governance Board Update

WDN Board Elections

  • HUGE Thank you to outgoing members - Becky Aiken (IANR Media), Mike O'Connor​ (College of Arts & Sciences), Hardik Patel (Information Technology Services)
  • Election results; Introduction of new board. New members: Anne Holz (IANR Media), David Houfek (Graduate Studies), Martin Wolff (Information Technology Services)
  • Standards Guide (open for comments):

WebAudit Metrics

Framework Timeline and Updates

Update on Topic-based Information Architecture changes

  • Will be developing a more comprehensive path forward for a switch, with data and best-practices to help Departments/Units to make the switch

Drupal 8/UNLcms Timeline and Updates

  • New Hero styles coming soon
  • Need to develop more content types
  • N|150 site will launch when we come back
  • Focus on end of spring to have full production

UNL Web Framework 5 Transition Studio

  • Friday mornings, 9:30–noon, 12th & Q (second floor/University Communication)
  • continuing through January

Meeting Recording