December 2016 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 13, 2016 - 2:00pm
WDN Shared Governance Board update
  • Welcome any new hires and intro to HipChat
  • 2017 board members announced
    • Term begins Jan 1, 2017
  • UX design committee (meet monthly starting in the new year, looking at utility classes, doing more user testing, refining fonts, subtle animations, etc)
UNLcms Development Timeline and Update (10min)
  • Changes made to UNLcms in the last month and upcoming changes
  • Drupal 8 update
    • 1/15/17 - Top level site will launch in Drupal 8
    • 3/14/17 - Open for developers
    • Summer 17 - Migration
Michael Fairchild: Web Accessibility Series - Intro (15min)
Ryan Dee: LESS CSS (15min)

Getting started with Less CSS

Erin Chambers: How English uses Feeds in UNLcms (15min)
Updates: (5min)
  • Framework updates
  • WebAudit
    • new aXe accessibility metric - waiting until January for deployment
  • Documentation Updates