August 2016 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, August 9, 2016 - 2:00pm

WDN Meeting Agenda

Gov Board Update
  • QA Reviews on deck: and
  • Blog task force update - Focus groups are done. Task force will meet and discuss next steps. 
  • Demo Affiliate template (for use by units that have individual brand - research centers, etc - who have approved secondary logos, or multi-institutional groups)
    • Governance board will approve use
    • Purpose and applicability
    • Code (CSS and extras) are available on UNL repository on Github
  • NNGroup report on university websites.
UNLcms updates
  • Drupal 8 
    • Going to pause on mass migration into Drupal 8, take opportunity to share more site infrastructure
    • Current Problem: Can't share advanced development among sites
    • Future state: content types should be shareable with a curated 'wdn' collection, and ability for site devs to clone and modify, content is more easily shared.
  • WYSIWYG editor updates
WDN Documentation
  • Recent updates
  • Review existing documentation
  • What additional items need to be covered: Carousel extras (Clay Lewis), Including non-CMS page in UNLcms (Eric Rasmussen), Google Analytics (Anne Holz), fix link on selectors page (Michael Fairchild)
  • Who can volunteer to help (see above)