April 2023 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 - 2:00pm

Governance Board update

  • Next-Gen CMS timeline
    • access levels in a no code / low code environment
  • PDFs and document accessibility
  • More information about timeline for Next-Gen CMS in The Cache
  • Progress/discussion on external link indicator icon


  • 500 Errors -
  • Putting PDFs or files behind login (two options, only link the uploaded file from a page using access control, or add the links to a password protected page). Best option would be putting a file on OneDrive and sharing with access control there.

WebAudit Metrics

Analytics Group

  • Ryan & Tommy will work to update framework analytics Javascript and test with Isaac
  • Reminder - Universal Analytics is going away July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a GA4 property

Framework updates

  • 5.3.27 update will deploy Aprill 11
    • Add more max-width styles (2xs 3xs 2xl 3xl 4xl)
    • Add monospace font utlility class
    • Add background-blend-mode mixin/utility
    • Add SVG background patterns
    • Bug fixes for figcaption-toggles, model and button toggles
    • Added dcf-top-50%, dcf-left-50%, dcf-right-50%, dcf-bottom-50%
    • Popups with options - Position (top, left, right, bottom), Alignment (start, center, end), Point (Arrow is positioned based on position and alignment), Hover (opens on mouse enter and closes on mouse leave)

Public Information Apps updates

  • UNL Events
    • Changed styles for headings
    • Added filters for upcoming
    • Added selects for audience and event type page
    • Added search ranges (next month, this week, 2 years from now, etc
    • Other minor fixes

Next-gen CMS updates

  • Quick demo

Drupal 10 Timeline

  • February: First Site in Production
  • March: Components, roles and permissions
  • April: Closed beta to Gov Board Members
  • May: Master pages
  • June: Open Availability
  • Beginning Summer: Friday Open House sessions
  • August 2024: Projected sunset of Drupal 7 at UNL