April 2016

April 2016 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 - 2:00pm

WDN Meeting Agenda

Gov Board Update
  • 4.1 transition -Feb. 9 was set by WDN Board for the transition to 4.1. IIM provides support.
  • Blog task force update - Looked at a number of examples. Will work on coming up with a single solution in upcoming meetings.
  • WDN Documentation Updates
  • New WDN 'Hero' code, new creative possibilities - New standardized feature presentation which allows for left/center/right display of text over photo/video loop
WDN Documentation
  • Been working on expanded documentation on the WDN site over the last month. 
  • Audience is the WDN network. We want to include documentation for any system / resource that developers use on a regular basis. Each piece of documentation includes skill level, an introduction (some with video), how to use the particular system / resource. 
  • Captioning updates - 48% of all videos captioned in the past 90 days, 68% of all public videos, need to try our best to get to 100% on public videos. 113 Hours (4 days, 17 hours) worth of video captioned total since captioning debuted.
  • Upcoming updates include muxing caption tracks (adding the caption as a text track to videos so that when they are downloaded, they are attached), iFrame embeds enabled, which should improve reliability on sites that aren't UNL.edu framework. 
SVG 101, part 2 - Becky Aiken
  • box.unl.edu/ - streamline icons. 
  • 8000 total icons (4000 filled, 4000 outlined)
  • 2 options of placing it on a page. 1 is to download from box, then upload to a size like you would a .png or .jpg. Other option is to download the .svg file and open it with a text editor, then copy the code for the vector path and paste it into your html. 
UNLcms updates
  • Modules updates tonight. if you notice anything, let us know. 
  • Some recent reports of webform-generated emails not arriving in gmail accounts. There was recently a fix put in place to help alleviate webform emails arriving in spam or not at all in gmail.
  • Working on HTML code view to show off next month.  
Framework updates
  • Updated jQuery to the latest version, RequireJS to latest version. See Changelog.

Meeting Recording