April 2015

April 2015 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - 2:00pm
WDN Member Survey

Please respond at http://wdn.unl.edu/2015-wdn-member-survey

WDN Shared Governance Board update: Rubric draft

Matt walks us through the initial QA review. We will strive to suggest resolutions to issues we find. We will refine the process as we do more QA reviews.

Review of the top-level site; reviews planned for College of Engineering and Department of English

Accessibility is for Everyone

Bob & Michael were at CIC Accessibility conference last week. We are in a unique position as a university with a single website—we are able to leverage large scale. Accessibility can make a site more usable for all.

  • Accessible sites are friendly to search engines (white-hat SEO).
  • Accessible sites are well-organized.
  • Accessible sites have a consistent interface.
  • Accessible sites provide text alternatives.
Demo: upcoming MediaHub update: full-text search of caption tracks

Working on embedded videos

UNLedu 4.1 Development and Deployment Timeline

Feedback was solicited in January on changes for 4.1 and Ryan Dee/IIM will be coding things this summer, with final approval by Steering Committee. Looking to get rid of 960px fixed wrapper and replace with percentage based for large screens like Retina iMac. Do a better job with HTML semantics such as h1 through h6 ordering and font sizes related to those; end the practice of picking heading number based on desired font size. Use the picture element to do some nicer responsive images. Move UNL's social media outputs from the "flag" in the header to the footer. Possibly slim the header and make use of the new lockups designed by UComm. Breadcrumb improvements to make their action more clear. Standardize in-page (third level) navigation. Standardize departmental social media links. Redesign look of the footer/related links/contact info. Update and re-evaluate plugins, including carousel. Re-evaluate CMS modules and how they handle our framework plugins.

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