Hold on there, cowboy. Are you creating 404s?

Thu, 2015-09-10 16:03

Howdy, folks. We've noticed several new broken links cropping up on the top-level pages of UNL.edu in the past few days. So we're out roping stray links.

A little investigation reveals that the page names had been changed in UNLcms. It seems so easy to do, and indeed it is. But keep in mind that if you do it and you don't provide a redirect so links to your old address are forwarded to the new one, it's just like moving without leaving a forwarding address.

So how to create a redirect in UNLcms, you ask. It's easy, really, almost as easy as what you did when you changed the name of the page.

Say you've got a page called "ok-corral," and you wake up one day with the idea of renaming it "corral" ... 

  1. Go to the "URL path settings" item in the page's Edit screen.
  2. Change "ok-corral" to "corral."
  3. Realize you're not done, then ...
  4. Go to the "URL redirects" item.
  5. Click "Add URL redirect to this node"
  6. add "ok-corral" to the "from" field.
  7. Click "Save."
Silhouette of cowboy on horse swinging lariat