Have you updated your editable footer block?

Fri, 2015-08-28 10:35

A small part of the global footer is reserved for you to provide copyright information, optional "maintained by" attribution, and a version of the university diversity statement. In the current framework version (4.1) and in UNLcms, this region must be kept up to date by you, the developer.

UNLcms will automatically take care of setting the copyright year, but all other content must be manually edited by configuring the "Footer Content" block. Developers using other CMSes or the static templates need to manually maintain all information contained in the file distributed as sharedcode/footer.html. A fresh copy can always be downloaded from this site.

A recent change we are recommending all developers take is to remove the link "comments?" that was previously distributed in the default package. This link, that historically linked to the UNL Comments system or an email address for a developer, has been fully replaced by the feedback system (UNLchat) that appears on every framework page. The UNL Comments system is no longer being maintained and we want to encourage developers to migrate to the UNLchat system that is much more flexible in terms of working with the feedback workflow that works best for your team.