Understanding Your Web Audit Report

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Your WebAudit report is dived into two major parts, the site report (which describes the entire site and helps you identify what needs to be prioritized) and page reports (which are detailed reports that focus on specific pages). First we will define some WebAudit terms that are necessary to understand the rest of the documentation. Then we will describe the site report.


A mark is a general term for something that WebAudit found on your site that you should know about. A mark can either be an error or a notice.
An error is a mark that needs to be fixed, and will cause a page to fail the report. WebAudit strives to make sure that all errors are truly errors and not false positives.
A notice is a mark that should be manually investigated. A notice means that something was found that has the potential for needing to be fixed. These are usually a lower priority to fix than an error and will not cause your report to fail.
A metric is a general term that describes a category of tests that are performed on each page of your site. Metrics include the UNLedu Framework Checker, Link Checker, HTML validator and Accessibility checker.
Site Header
The first thing that you will see on every page for your site in WebAudit will be a gray 'Site Header'. The Site Header shows the title and URL of your site, as well as navigation to manage and access information about your site in WebAudit.

Current Site Report

Your Current Site Report is a summary of your entire site. This is what you see if you click the link to view the report in the emails that WebAudit sends you, and appears right under the Site Header. It aims to give you the broad picture of your site quality and allows you to dive down into more detail. It can also help you prioritize what pages to fix first. Below is an outline of what the site report will look like.

  1. UNLedu Progress Report - This section will show your the version of the UNLedu Web Framework found on your site, as well as allow your to self report your progress toward the most recent version of the UNLedu Web Framework. This is the blue section right under your Site Header.
  2. Site History - This section graphs your WebAudit scores over time.
  3. Latest Scan - This section contains the latest scan report for your site, with report navigation on the left. This section is divided into several subsections, and each page link will bring you to a page report.
    • Changes since the last scan - This section outline which pages have a different number of marks (both notices and errors) since the last scan. A positive number of changes means that the page got worse, while a negative value means that the page got better. This is a good way to quickly identify which pages caused your site score to drop.
    • Hot Spots - This section is divided into 4 subsections, one for each metric. Each metric subsection contains the 5 pages with the most errors for that metric. This can be helpful in prioritizing which pages need to be fixed first.
    • Pages - This is the last section of the report and lists all of the pages that were found on your site. Each row links to a page report where you can find specific information about what needs to be fixed.

Page Report

A page report outlines all of the errors and notices for a specific page and is broken into sections for each Metric. For reference see the WDN home page report.

  1. Page header - Located at the top of the page, this contains the page title and URL as well as the grade (P for Passing or NP for Not Passing)
  2. Scan Information - Contains information about the scan status and date
  3. Links - Contains links to go to the page, go back to the report and view pages that linked to the current page
  4. Metric Grades - This is where the bulk of the information lives. There are 4 subsections, one for each metric, which outline all of the errors and notices found for each metric. This is where you can find out exactly what caused an error and how to fix it.
  5. Scoring - Describes how the page was scored
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