Metric: UNLedu Framework Checker

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The UNLedu Framework Checker metric scans your pages to ensure that the most recent framework versions are used. It will also check for various University of Nebraska–Lincoln specific standards. The following is a list of what the metric checks.

Framework versions

The metric checks framework version that was found on each page to ensure that it is up to date. Learn more about synchronizing the framework

University of Nebraska–Lincoln specific standards

  • YouTube embeds will be marked as notices, suggesting the use of MediaHub where appropriate. YouTube embeds might be blocked in other countries and K-12 schools, including those we are actively recruiting in.
  • PDF links will be marked as notices, prompting a manual review for accessibility.
  • Flash objects will be flagged for manual review, prompting for an accessibility review and suggesting to move to HTML5.
  • Framework font-icon usage will be flagged as an error if it is not marked up an accessible way.
  • University of Nebraska–Lincoln name inconsistencies will be flagged for a manual review.
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