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    I created an event, but it isn't showing on the live calendar

    Your event may be still in the "pending" state. Find the event on your main "Manage Calendar" page under the "Pending" tab, and under actions, click "Move to Upcoming." This will give the event "live" status and put it on your live calendar. The event will automatically move to the "Past" tab when it is finished.

    * Tip: If you want to skip this step, you can set your calendar to automatically approve events. Go to "Edit Calendar Info" and set Event Release Preference to "Immediate."

    The location I need for an event isn't in the list of locations

    Previous versions of the software would put every user-created location into the list for all to see. The newest version instead shows a default list of UNL Campus and Extension locations. If you need to use a location not on this list, you can create it by selecting "--New Location--" in the location menu. If you'll need this location many times, you can check "Save this location for future events" and it will appear under your user-generated locations in the list next time.

    I don't understand recurring events. How will they display on my live calendar?

    Recurring events can be a little tricky. First, put in a start and end date for the first instance of your recurring event. For example, if today is July 23 and you want an event from 12-6 PM on the 25th of every month, put 7/25/year 12:00PM in the start date and 7/25/year 6:00PM in the end date. (typically the end date will be on the same day as the start date). Then check "this is a recurring event" and select "25th of every month". The "recurs until date" is the date that you want the recurring events to stop. So for example if you put "12/25/year" or even "12/29/year" in that field, the system will generate events for you on July, August, Sep., Oct., Nov., and December 25. But if you put "12/24/year" you won't get the December one.

    Recurring events will show as a separate event on each day they recur on the calendar.

    What is the difference between recurring and ongoing events?

    Recurring events are several recurrences of a single event/date/time/location over a time period, whereas an ongoing event is an event that spans several days. For example, a recurring event might be a weekly meeting, but an ongoing event would be like an art exhibit lasting several days, or a week-long career fair. To make an ongoing event in the system, you simply make a single event with an end date on a date after the start date. The system will then put each day after the first under the ongoing events header on your publicly-viewable calendar. This header appears right under all your standard events.

    It is possible to have a recurring event where each recurrence is more than one day long, creating both a recurring and ongoing event.

    How do I give other users access to my calendar?

    Click "Users & Permissions" in the toolbox on the left. Here you can add a UNL Events Calendar user to your calendar and give them the permissions to create and edit events.

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    In creating an event you have an option of a Public or Private event.   How is this information used?   Does it mean only public events can be disisplayed on your own calendar?   But what if we use another groups calendar.  For example we have a Wellness section in our Employee Subweb and we use the CREC Wellness calendar on our page.