Events API v2 Documentation

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Welcome to the UNL Events API v2 Documentation page. UNL Events will now include a more capable REST API that will allow many ways to access events, location, virtual locations, calendars, audiences, and event types. This access will vary between API endpoints but it can include creating, reading, updating, and deleting.


Authentication is not needed for every route. Any route that is reading data that could be found publicly will not need authentication. Any route that requires the user to be logged in will need to use authentication to validate and store the users records. Authentication is done via passing an api_token in the Authentication header in the request. The API token for your user can be found by navigating to UNL Events Manager and clicking "User Info" on the panel on the left. You can also reset the token from this page. When using your API token, all calls made through the API will act as if you are the user making the request.

Root URL

The UNL Events API v2 is hosted at You can GET at this URL to see available routes and their corresponding authentication methods required.


All UNL Events API v2 resources are returned in JSON format.


The following is a list of resources that are available via the API.





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