Synchronizing the UNLedu Web Framework

Mirroring the dependent files is required to use the UNLedu Web Framework on your own server.

The files under need to be synchronized periodically to the same location on your webserver. This ensures that your UNLedu Framework-based website will have the latest fixes and WDN member contributions.

To do this, first copy down the templates_3.0 directory and place it within a directory titled 'wdn' in the root of your web server. The wdn directory can be downloaded from the WDN Downloads page.


Synchronizing the files

Once a copy is placed on your server, a synchronization method needs to be chosen to keep the UNLedu Web Framework files synchronized with the master copies.

The master copy is at and is available as a .zip file.

Pulling the files down usually involves a nightly cron-job or scheduled task that downloads all the files.

Unix/Linux Servers

A sample cron job task for Unix/Linux/Mac Servers:

wget -rq -nH -np -l 15 --cut-dirs=1 --reject "index.html*,*.LCK" -P /var/www/wdn/

Where /var/www/wdn/ is the path that is published as on your website.

Mac OS X

Obtaining wget for Mac OS X Mac OS X does not come with wget. A binary of wget for Mac OS X can be found off of Status-Q.

You will need to have administrator access to the computer to install wget.

Here are instructions on how to install wget:

$ curl -O
$ unzip
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/bin
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/man/man1
$ sudo mkdir -p /usr/local/etc
$ sudo cp wget/wget /usr/local/bin
$ sudo cp wget/wget.1 /usr/local/man/man1
$ sudo cp wget/wgetrc /usr/local/etc

A sample plist file for Mac OS X launchd:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple Computer//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

You will need to chage the following items:

  • /path/to/www/wdn - change to path of your WDN files
  • username - change to the user that can write to the path

Then save as /Library/LaunchDaemons/edu.unl.wdn.template-update.plist and run the following command:

$ sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/edu.unl.wdn.template-update.plist


A method for Windows servers:

* download the windows port of wget at
(This is the official windows port that is linked to by
* unzip the downloaded file to "C:\Program Files\wget"
* Go to Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks
* File -> New -> Scheduled Task, name the task something useful
* Double-click the new task, and enter the following value for the Run: field, adjust for your webroot:
"C:\Program Files\wget\wget.exe" -rq -nH -np -l 15 --cut-dirs=1 --reject index.html* -P C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wdn\
* Set 'Run as' to: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
* Set the schedule on the Schedule tab
* Click OK, leave the password blank if prompted

To test the task, right click on it and select 'Run'.