Starting a Site

Best Choice for Most Things: UNLcms

Your best choice for building any content-based website at UNL is the centrally-supported content management system known as UNLcms. It's free for all university-affiliated units to use, and it tends to be where the latest innovations in UNL web infrastructure are seen first. To find out more, visit the UNLcms website.

For Other Things: Download and Sync

Unconvinced? Well, there are reasons to build sites outside of UNLcms. In descending "good idea" order: web applications, legacy CMS systems and legacy static websites are some of the places where the UNLedu Web Framework is directly applied. Downloads are available below.

v 4.0 Templates


This package contains the Dreamweaver (formatted, .dwt) templates and sample "sharedcode" files (used for things like navigation and footer material).

v 4.0 Dependents Only


This packages contains the template dependent files (only for local system development/debugging).

v 4.0 Sync Set


This package contains only the dependent files that need to be synced regularly to production servers.