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v4.0: Wide Horizons

Version 4.0 of the UNLedu Web Framework, 'Wide Horizons,' provides a flexible and forward-looking foundation for UNL websites. Starting with the imperative of providing effortless and optimized support for mobile platforms, v. 4.0 allows developers to add rich imagery and video for large screens as well.

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Example of full-width content

Your stage. Your story.

With the entire width as your stage, you have the freedom to create masterpieces. One page at a time.

Presentational elements set the tone. Excellent, high-quality photography can shine. Design has never been so flexible.

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Mobile view

Mobile first, mobile friendly.

Mobile is anywhere. Mobile is everywhere. Mobile is important.

UNLedu 4.0 'Wide Horizons' brings an easier-to-use mobile navigation and more page elements (breadcrumbs, institution title, full footer) all while making even more room for content.

Tablet Enhanced

Tablets have come a long way, quickly. Utilizing the latest in grid technologies, the new version automatically delivers optimized presentation to any device type.

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