WDN Shared Governance Board

The WDN Shared Governance Board will promote and administer the UNLedu Web Framework and its associated Style Book. The board is currently being formed and elections are scheduled to take place starting on 12/1/2014. If you have any interest in membership, please use the links below to nominate yourself. We are looking for a wide variety of members: programmers, designers, content creators, IT support, etc. If you are in any way involved with the UNLedu Framework, we want to see you on the board.

The board will be a 9-person committee: 6 seats, 2-year terms, to be nominated and elected by Web Developer Network members; 3 permanent seats, members of IIM team, appointed by Director of Internet and Interactive Media.

Board membership begins January 1 and will be communicated to WDN at January WDN meeting.

A commitment of 4-6 hours per month is anticipated.

Meetings will be open to any member of the UNL community.

The board will reserve the right to vote to convene in executive session at its discretion. These circumstances may include but are not limited to: enforcement actions, by request of site owner, etc.

Agendas and minutes will be posted on WDN.unl.edu.

Every year, three members’ terms will end with December meeting and three new members will be elected, timed to December WDN meeting.

Vacated seats will be reappointed by consensus of remaining elected membership.

Nomination Timeline

Nominations of others due: Noon, Nov. 26, 2014

Self Nominations due: Noon, Dec. 1, 2014

Voting starts: Noon, Dec. 2, 2014

Voting ends: Dec. 9, 2014, 2:30pm (30 minutes into that day's WDN meeting)

Activities of the board

Current expectation is that the activities of the board may include:

  • Prioritization and roadmap as the framework continues to evolve
  • Critique of in-development framework changes
  • Continuing development of the Style Book
    • and its associated UNL Web Audit tool
  • Review of UNL websites according to Style Book
  • Communication of specific issues and recommended remediation
  • Enforcement actions