WDN Board 5/26/15 Meeting Notes

WDN Board 5/26/15 Meeting Notes Meeting Notes

Tuesday, May 26, 2015 - 1:00pm

Notes for CBA

Simplifying our notes: 4 bullet points to be sent by email

Planning for QA Follow Up

Difficult to set deadlines/timelines for UNL's sites since they vary so much in size, scope, personnel, etc.

  1. Following a QA Meeting with site owners, the governance board will send an email to site owners/meeting attendees(?) with a summary of points within a week
  2. In email, governance board will ask site owners to set a time for follow up. "These are the primary issues as outlined in your recent QA review. We would like to follow up with you once you have addressed these issues, so please respond to this email with an estimate follow up date."

Google Insights

Michael Fairchild

PageSpeed Score - "Are all of these resources as small as they could be?" - includes:

  • Framework assets that need to be compressed
  • Content area assets that need to be compressed

If this is included in the WebAudit system, should it affect score, or simply be available for reference?

- Webaudit provides measures related to the Stylebook, so no, PageSpeed should not affect the WebAudit score.

It's a measure of whether assets are as small as possible or not, RATHER than 'How big is this page in total?'

Gzip data compression - not doing this currently.