WDN Board 2/9/2015

WDN Board 2/9/2015 Meeting Notes

Monday, February 9, 2015 - 10:00am
Mission Statement
WDN Agenda for tomorrow (2/10)
Michael Fairchild: Top Viewed Sites according to Web Audit
Board members:
Bob Crisler
Ryan Dee
Alan Eno
Matthew Honke
Melissa Sinner
Erin Chambers
David Merriman
Loren Frehrichs
(Kevin Abel is out sick today)
WDN members:
Michael Fairchild, IIM
News: UNL.edu received the top award on edustyle!
WDN Agenda
  • Bob has moved the WDN/UNLcms Agenda Mill document to the WGB Box folder
  1. Brief announcement - Edustyle Award
  1. Standing agenda item: report from Governance Board
  1. Areas of Focus
Future items:
  • The ins and outs of PDFs
  • Why youtube embeds aren't the best choice
Mission Statement
Final Draft:
  • The WDN Shared Governance Board administers and guides the development of the UNLedu Web Framework, Style Book, and public information management systems. Its mission is to improve user experience for UNL site visitors, managers and developers by soliciting user feedback, encouraging good stewardship of all UNL websites, and fostering an environment of respect, collaboration, and outreach.
  • Bob Crisler moved to approve the above mission statement
  • Matthew Honke seconded
  • Approved unanimously
Michael Fairchild presented .csv list of Top Visited sites according to our Web Audit system
  • In the last year
  • Exported from Google Analytics
  1. unl.edu
  1. unl.edu/search
  1. news.un.edu
  1. lancaster.unl.edu
  1. admissions.unl.edu
  1. myred.nebraska.edu
  1. unl.edu/gradstudies
  1. bulletin.unl.edu/undergraduate
  1. housing.un.edu
  1. libraries.unl.edu
  1. cba.unl.edu
  1. nufcu.org
  1. games.un.edu
  1. registrar.unl.edu
  1. huskers.unl.edu/liveedu
  1. unl.edu/careers
  1. marketplace.unl.edu
  1. crec.unl.edu
  1. online.unl.edu
  1. uachieve.unl.edu
  1. parking.unl.edu
  1. its.un.edu
  1. cse.unl.edu
  1. wam.unl.edu
  1. hr.unl.edu
  1. its-wired.unl.edu/
  1. law.unl.edu
  1. ... etc.
  • Michael will send the board the URL for this list
How often should this list be updated?
  • Annual
  1. How do we prioritize our review of site?
  1. What is the procedure for reviewing a site?
  1. How, and with whom, do we communicate?
Matt and Bob posed some questions for discussion:
"How do we prioritize the sites we address?"  "What about sites like Sheldon & Quilt Center that have their own marketing, domains, etc.?"
Matt: Beyond glaring errors or accessibility issues, if the site is not a part of the framework, we should limit our focus on those sites. (Sheldon, Morrill Hall, etc.)
Potential metrics for disiplinary action/enforcement: 
what types of divergences would require some intervention from the board?
  • Web audit could be a good tool for flagging sites as potential problems
  • Perhaps failing pages, instead of failing sites (because 1 failed page means the site fails)
  • Copyright infringement (photos? media without appropriate attribution?)
  • Mobile - search for sites that use fixed-width tables (bad)
  • Style Guide (definitely)
  • CSS Overrides
Things we want to see in addition to the list of site views:
  • Web audit scores and stats
  • Stats from Google Analytics: particularly mobile views
  • Sites with essential content (?) like bulletin, admissions, etc. may need to be higher priority
Matt suggests that we establish committees that specialize in specific areas of a review. Items called out are the WDN Board's 2014 points of emphasis.
  • Terms of Use
  • Invalid code
  • Improper use accessibility-related HTML attributes
  • If specific information is not accessible, what can be done to present it in another way?
  • Text within images
  • Browser compatibility
  • ... and other items covered in the Style Guide
  • Style Guide
  • CSS overrides
  • Mobile/responsive
  • Headings and page organization
  • ... and other items covered in the Style Guide
  • Content organization, information architecture
  • Consistency and ease of navigation
  • MediaCopyright and Attribution
  • Accessible videos (subtitles)
  • Youtube embeds
  • Improper 
Guideline Questions for PDFs:  is it for print? PDF. handbooks? ePub is better, PDF is ok. Is it content that should be on the web page, and accessible, NOT in a PDF?
Interested parties:
  • Terms of Use (Accessibility and Validity)
  • Melissa Sinner
  • Bob Crisler
  • Style Guide
  • Matthew Honke
  •  Ryan Dee
  • Content Org/Info Architecture
  • Alan Eno
  • Media, Copyright & Attribution
  •  Erin Chambers
Agenda Items for Next Meeting:
Review a few of our sites
Draft procedure/process based on the steps we take