November 2014

November 2014 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, November 11, 2014 - 2:00pm
UNL FPA website wins CASE Circle of Excellence Silver Award

Highest award given for institutional websites.

UNLedu Web Governance

Governance Board Proposal: 9 members (3 appointed from IIM, 6 elected by WDN); two-year terms (3 of 6 from first election to serve one-year term); anticipated commitment of 4–6 hrs/month; will review, update, and enforce the Style Book (which has been updated for 4.0 Framework); all meetings operate under Robert’s Rules of Order and will be open, but reserve the right to convene an executive session.

“Ask not what your governance group can do for you, but what you can do for your governance group.”

  • Nominations need to include:
  • College/department you represent
  • Area(s) of focus
  • Sites at UNL
  • Sites worked on outside of UNL
  • Years of web development experience
  • Years at employment at UNL
  • A brief (300 character-limit) description of why you’re qualified for the Board

Nominations made at meeting:

  • Erin Chambers
  • Jen (from Libraries)
  • Alan Eno
  • Matt Honke
  • Mike Sammons
  • Matt Benson
  • Andrew Frye
  • Richard Lock
  • Loren Frerichs
  • Jeff O’Brien
  • Todd Lanham
  • Roger Simonsen

Vote in December; members announced in January

Discussion of affiliate template

Entities that are associated with UNL (Through The Eyes of a Child, Buros, Credit Union, etc.); Would it be possible to achieve an affiliate template purely through CSS overrides (without modifiying HTML)?

Streaming of meetings will begin in January