December 2014

December 2014 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 9, 2014 - 2:00pm
Tim Myers, 1962–2014

First sysadmin at UNL. Website as we know it at UNL wouldn't exist without his contributions.

WDN Shared Governance Board Election 2015

9-person board consists of: 6 seats (2-year terms), 3 permanent IIM seats, appointed by IIM director. The board will promote and administer the UNLedu Web Framework and its associated Style Book. Meetings will be open to any member of the UNL community.

Elected Members

  • Matt Honke
  • Erin Chambers
  • Loren Frerichs
  • David Merriman
  • Alan Eno
  • Melissa Sinner

IIM Members

  • Bob Crisler
  • Ryan Dee
  • Kevin Abel
Progress on affiliate template

Eric and Ryan working on a bundle of CSS overrides, WDN Shared Governance Board will approve affiliate template requests.

UNL MediaHub 4.0 demo
  • YouTube: blocked in China and some K–12s
  • Embeds can show unintended advertisements and unwanted videos after playback
  • poor automatic captioning
  • UNL Mediahub supports downloads.
Streaming of meetings will begin in January