August 2015 Meeting Notes

Tuesday, August 11, 2015 - 2:00pm
WDN Shared Governance Board update

Results from survey shared. Responders were overwhelmingly staff. Most experience (in order): HTML, CSS, WYSIWYG, create site from scratch, validate CSS, ADA-accessible content, server side programming, write a blog, manage a blog. Most responders currently work on one site or fewer than ten. Most responders work on their site(s) five or fewer hours per week. 81% of responders spend less than 20 hours per week. 41% responders of regularly attend monthly WDN meetings.

New timeline for UNLedu 4.1 release

User testing and focus groups in September, Testing in UNLcms around fall break, 4.1 launch after holiday break (January 5, 2016).

Web framework changes in 4.0, MediaHub improvments

Removal of scroll depth analytics, removal of swiping navigation on mobile, addition of small caps and extended Latin fonts. Searchable, interactive captions tracks are now live on MediaHub.

UNL Events updates

UNL Events updates are live. Tyler Lemburg demos the new admin area, which includes updates to recurring events, event locations, subscriptions, and Users & Permissions. There's also a new link, Get Help, that links to the UNL Events Git Hub wiki. Mike O'Connor proposes a more obvious link title to log in/manage events than "Create an Event." Event creation defaults to 'pending', but can be changed to 'immediate' in calendar preferences. A text field will be added to add users who aren't already in the Users & Permissions user list.

Wednesday, August 12 morning (overnight) UNLcms server will be unavailable due to hosting maintenance for about 15-45 seconds.

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