Events API - Create Location

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Resource URI


Resource Properties

Property Description
name String: The name of the location.
streetaddress1 String: The first line of the street address.
streetaddress2 String: The second line of the street address.
room String: A default room for the location. Room numbers on specific events at this location will override this.
city String: The city of the location.
state String: The state of the location.
zip String: The zip code of the location.
mapurl URL: A url to a map for the event.
webpageurl URL: A url to the webpage for the event.
hours String: The hours of the location.
directions Text: Directions to the location.
additionalpublicinfo Text: Additional public info for the location.
type String: The type of location.
phone String: A phone number for the location.


The created location object.

Request Example

curl -XPOST -d api_token=my_api_token -d name="Cool Location" {"id":13978, "name":"Cool Location", "streetaddress1":null, "streetaddress2":null, "room":null, "city":null, "state":null, "zip":null, "mapurl":null, "webpageurl":null, "hours":null, "directions":null, "additionalpublicinfo":null, "type":null, "phone":null, "standard":0, "user_id":null, "display_order":null}
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