Events API - Create Event

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Resource URI


Resource Properties

Property Description
calendar (in URI) String: The shortname of the calendar on which to post this event.
title String: The title of the event.
subtitle String: The subtitle of the event.
description Text: The description of the event.
contact_name String: Who to contact for more event details.
contact_phone String: Number to contact for more event details.
contact_email String: Email to contact for more event details.
website URL: A url to website for the event.
private_public String ("private" or "public"): Whether the event should be private or public. Private events cannot be seen by other calendars. Defaults to "public".
location id: ID of the location at which the event is hosted. See Create Location documentation if a new location is needed.
start_time Date: The start time of the event.. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
end_time Date: The end time of the event.. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS.
room String: The room of the event.
directions String: directions to the event.
additional_public_info Text: Additional public information which may be necessary for event knowledge.
send_to_main String: If "yes", will recommend this event to the UNL Main Calendar upon creation.


An event object in JSON, which includes the ID of the new event.

Request Example

curl -XPOST -d api_token=my_token -d title=Test -d description="A Great Event." -d start_time="2017-02-01 12:00:00" -d location=1 -d end_time="2017-02-01 13:00:00" {"id":101710, "title":"Test", "subtitle":null, "othereventtype":null, "description":"A Great Event.", "shortdescription":null, "refreshments":null, "classification":null, "approvedforcirculation":1, "transparency":null, "status":null, "privatecomment":null, "otherkeywords":null, "imagetitle":null, "imageurl":null, "webpageurl":null, "listingcontactuid":null, "listingcontactname":null, "listingcontactphone":null, "listingcontactemail":null, "icalendar":null, "imagedata":null, "imagemime":null, "datecreated":"2017-01-31 11:07:19", "uidcreated":"s-user1", "datelastupdated":"2017-01-31 11:07:19", "uidlastupdated":"s-user1"}
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