Who We Are

The Web Developer Network is an open-invitation group of web developers working with web standards to build UNL's websites.

The Web Developer Network operates by consensus, and a comprehensive list of standards (the Style Book) has been created to achieve a consistent experience for the users of UNL websites. The Style Book is the guiding document for the WDN Quality Assurance process.

These resources are available to all interested parties, and your participation is welcome. If you are interested in joining the Web Developer Network at UNL, get registered or get in touch with the community.

The Movement

. . .communicate these practices through carefully developed documentation, training, and support.

(An excerpt from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's Web Presence - Recommendations for the Future)

A Note on Decorum, and All That

The Web Developer Network does not have its own rules for the way in which members interact with each other, either in person or online. The standards of UNL apply here. In recognition of the fact that our mission may often involve discussions in which strongly held opinions are brought forward and finding the best answer among many alternatives is the goal, please always keep in mind that we are professionals, and that professional conduct is expected in all communications. (That doesn't mean that we can't occasionally have fun.)